One of the most powerful features in today’s browsers is the possibility to add extensions. Here are a list in no particular order of the extensions that I have installed.

Adblock Plus

Adblock have one goal: block ads. And he does that very well, from simple pop ups to youtube embedded ads. By default, some non-intrusive advertising is allowed, but you can block that too, just go to settings and unchecked the option. I really recommend this extension.


I use Last Pass to manager all my passwords, so I can use different and strong password for every website.


We have a lot of images everywhere, and Imagus help us to enlarge them. Its very helpful in sites like Facebook.

Checker Plus for Gmail

This extension does a lot of things, but I just use to notify me about unread emails.

Always on Top

Once in a while I want to put some YouTube videos always visibly to watch when using the pc. In OSX the easiest way I find to do that is to using this extension.


This extension is for programmers. Sometimes we want to check if the API is sending the correct JSON. JSONView make everything more easy to understand.


This is other extension for programmers. Wappalyzer identify software on websites you are visiting, its very good for know what people are using out there and maybe found new libraries to use on your next project.