tldr (Too long; didn’t read) is a command-line tool to quickly display a simplified man page.

It is very simple to use. Run tldr <tool-name>:

$ tldr tar

tldr will output a simplified man page:


Archiving utility.
Often combined with a compression method, such as gzip or bzip.
More information: <>.

- Create an archive from files:
    tar -cf target.tar file1 file2 file3

- Create a gzipped archive:
    tar -czf target.tar.gz file1 file2 file3

- Extract an archive in a target directory:
    tar -xf source.tar -C directory

- Extract a gzipped archive in the current directory:
    tar -xzf source.tar.gz

- Extract a bzipped archive in the current directory:
    tar -xjf source.tar.bz2

- Create a compressed archive, using archive suffix to determine the compression program:
    tar -caf target.tar.xz file1 file2 file3

- List the contents of a tar file:
    tar -tvf source.tar

- Extract files matching a pattern:
    tar -xf source.tar --wildcards "*.html"